Pioneers for Over 140 Years

The company was originally founded in the late 19th century as a blacksmith’s workshop. It has since grown to become an international full-range supplier of commercial vehicles, still owned by the family who founded the business. Throughout the Schwarzmüller Group’s 140-year history, the common thread has been our employees’ ability to come up with notable technical innovations.

From a workshop to a premium supplier

1870 | Joseph Schwarzmüller opens a blacksmith‘s Workshop 
           in Passau (Germany)
1939 | Production site foundation Hanzing / Freinberg (Austria)
Until 1985 | Construction of branch structure in Austria 

1990 | Production site foundation in Budapest (Hungary)
 | Production site foundation in Zebrak (Czech Republic) 
2009 | New service centre opened in Bucharest (Romania)
2014 | Strategy 2020