3-way tipper body for 2A truck - building site

Product benefits

  • Insulated hollow chamber body for slow cooling, freezing and adhesion of load
  • Tipper body construction using conical, trapezoidal profile side members in high-strength, lightweight design with small bottom panels for high dent resistance and shock absorption
  • Torsionally rigid, weight-optimised subframe construction
  • Hard chrome-plated, high-quality tilt cylinder
  • OPTIONAL: Bordmatic (= hydraulically folding side wall) on left side
  • OPTIONAL: Reinforced side walls with material-repellent membrane construction made from fine-grained special steel panels
  • OPTIONAL: Electropneumatic side wall locking with switch operation in cab
  • OPTIONAL: Aluminium flap on lateral central locking shaft
  • OPTIONAL: Foldable lashing rings
  • OPTIONAL: Foldable aluminium underride protection for road-finishing use
  • OPTIONAL: Front and rear crane mounting with reinforced subframe

Product details

3-WAY TIPPER BODY on 2-axle truck - building site

For handling bulk materials such as sand, gravel, rubble, ground excavation etc. on building sites


Body weight: approx. 1.7 t


Internal length: approx. 4,500 mm
Internal width: approx. 2,420 mm
Load volume: approx. 7.5 m³
Total width: 2,550 mm

Body height, loading height etc. can only be checked and announced upon specification of the
exact truck data


Continuous side members with tilt cylinder bearings and outriggers
Body height above chassis: approx. 400 mm
Connector lock for tipper body with cross-over protection

High-pressure hydraulic tipping system

16 t tilt cylinder for 3-way tipping, with safety rope,
40 l pump for direct flange mounting, 35 l oil reservoir with oil filling,
pneum. tip valve with overpressure protection and actuation in cab

Tipping loading ramp

Full-steel welded construction with fine-grained special steel floor panels, 5 mm
(slight floor unevenness possible due to weld distortion)

Side walls

Fixed steel plate front wall, 3 mm, approx. 980 mm high

1-part reinforced aluminium hollow profile side walls, 60/4/3 mm, approx. 680 mm high,
foldable with extended swivel bolt locks and spring lifting aid,
hinged with man. central locking
Aluminium hollow profile rear wall, 60/4/3 mm, approx. 780 mm high,
hinged with raised bearing and pneum. locking opened from cab,
foldable with extended swivel bolt locks

Fixed rear corner posts, raised, side-mounted


Blasted with steel granulate, treated with zinc dust primer and spray painted
2-component acrylic paints for commercial vehicles (standard RAL or truck colour)

Plastic and hot-dip galvanised parts unpainted,
powder-coated attachments black

Reflective contour marking strips across entire length of sides (continuing onto truck cab) and all-round contour marking at rear (white on sides and red at rear by default), according to ECE 48


Rear markings as per ECE standards


Tipper body rubber centre support
Bracket for wheel chock(s)
Mud flaps for rear mudguards
Shovel and brush brackets
Rubber skirting on side walls on both sides
Rubber bump stops on end plate
Hooks for dosing chains on swivelling rear wall

Product impressions