Left and rearwards tipping trailers on 4-axle trucks

Product benefits

  • Tipper body for for heavy rock use
  • Torsion-resistant, weight-optimised subframe structure
  • Hard chrome-plated, high-quality tipping cylinder
  • OPTIONAL: Foldable lashing rings
  • OPTIONAL: Foldable aluminium underride protection for road-finishing use
  • OPTIONAL: Front crane assembly with reinforced subframe
  • OPTIONAL: Without fixed corner post front left, left corner post integrated into side wall/Bordmatic

Product details

Left and rearwards tipping trailers on 4-axle trucks

for the transport of rubble, excavated earth, heavy stone
and occasionally bituminous mixtures/road-finishing use


Continuous side members with tilt cylinder bearings and outriggers
Connector lock for tipper body with cross-over protection

High-pressure hydraulic tipping system

32 t tilt cylinder for 2-way tipping,
with safety rope

80 l pump for direct mounting,
60 l oil reservoir with oil filling,
pneum. tip valve with overpressure protection and actuation in cab

Tipper body:

approx. 14.4 m³
Internal length: approx.

5,600 mm

Internal width: approx. 2,380 mm (incl. between posts)
External width: approx. 2,550 mm
Static and weight-optimised full-steel welded construction in
elastic membrane design

Floor reinforced with 8 mm

wear-resistant steel plate, type 450,
with continuously welded, closely ribbed trapezoidal struts below,
thus minimising weld distortion

Fixed front wall


6 mm

thick and approx.

1,250 mm

with solid supports and corner posts pointing forwards,
Cab protection with lashing eyes
and shovel bracket on front wall
fixed ladder on outside front

Tapered corners inside front wall of body for transporting bituminous mixtures

On right in direction of travel:

continuous side wall made from approx. 85/6 mm thick
wear-resistant steel plate, type 450, approx.

1,080 mm

right side wall


with tapering inside corners and
solid corner joints
as well as fixed chute side panel

Bordmatik on left in direction of travel

= hydr. folding side wall 85/6 mm,

1,080 mm

membrane construction made from fine-grained special steel panels (HB 450),
with dual-action cylinder on the front wall, operated from cab,
can be folded out to max. 170°,
autom. locking, non-swinging
Short side wall chute panel at front to limit direction of dumped
materials to the front

Hydraulic rear wall flap approx. 560 mm high

with hydr. locking controlled by dual-action cylinder and
pneum. 3-way valve

Attached, hinged rear wall

made of wear-resistant steel,
raised pendulum mount
with pin retainer, removable under specific conditions, approx. 50 mm gap to floor

Fixed left-hand

reinforced corner post at rear,
with fixed side panel for discharge chute
Deflection wedges to corner posts on both sides


Blasted with steel granulate, treated with zinc dust primer and spray painted with
2-component acrylic paints for commercial vehicles

Plastic and hot-dip galvanised parts unpainted,
powder-coated attachments/installation parts black

Reflective contour marking strips on both sides along entire length (continues over truck cab) and all-round contour marking at rear
(white on sides and red at rear as standard), according to ECE 48


Rear sign plate(s)
Tipper body rubber centre support
Brackets for wheel chock(s)
Spray protection using rubberised fabric, foldable, as per regulations
Aluminium cover on tail lights

Product impressions