Aluminium tank body for 3A truck - side-mounted cabinet - 19,500 l

Product benefits

  • Sophisticated design with perfect functionality
  • Optimum driving stability thanks to low centre of gravity
  • Extremely light and flexible product discharge hoses (3" or 4") suitable for pump or gravity operation
  • Hose reel in fittings cabinet or between cab and tank
  • Box-like tank container with stable construction
  • Mountable on all types of truck chassis
  • Optimum tank container storage incl. stainless steel subframe
  • OPTIONAL: Choice of aluminium or stainless steel bumper
  • OPTIONAL: 2 high-set tail lights mounted in overflow pan
  • OPTIONAL: Facility for mounting spare wheel bracket

Product details

Aluminium tank body on 3-axle truck in BOX BODY DESIGN

Side cabinet, with pumping and measuring system and/or gravitational measuring system, for mineral oil transport


Vehicle designation acc. to ADR: FL
Tank code acc. to ADR: LGBF
Special provisions acc. to 6.8.4 ADR: TE 7, TE 19
For transporting petrol UN 1203,
diesel fuel and EL heating oil UN 1202
Body weight, depending on equipment: approx. 2.5 t min.


Total width: 2,550 mm
Total height: approx. 3,150 mm
Total length: approx. 8,900 mm

Exact dimensions can only be checked and announced upon specification of the exact truck data

Subframe, mounting and attachments

Stainless steel subframe bolted to chassis frame
Elastic container mounting
Aluminium measuring system cabinet on right in direction of travel
with parallel sliding door
Accessories box with side-opening door
Aluminium bottom-loading box
Plastic mudguards with mud flaps and spray-suppression system

Transport container

Aluminium alloy and wall thickness as per ADR regulations
Box shape
Gross capacity: approx. 19,500 l
3 chambers, chamber division as per customer specification
Baffles, if techn. required
Overflow pan incl. outlet pipe(s)
Protection for dome fittings
Aluminium catwalk in pan with foldable railing
Aluminium ladder at rear
Earthing pin on left and right

Container fittings - per chamber

1 dome cover with rapid-fill lid
1 electro-optical top sensor
1 tip valve for ventilation
1 fan pot with flame arrester
1 pneum. bottom valve

Piping with bottom-loading

Filling on left in direction of travel, output on right in direction of travel
One drain line DN 100 per bottom valve to distributor on left in direction of travel and connecting line to pumping and measuring system
and/or gravitational measuring system
One API filling port per chamber on left in direction of travel

Gas return line connected to fan pots
Safety pressure relief/vacuum valve

Pumping and measuring system for dry and wet hose system (MID)

Suitable for petrol, diesel oil and EL heating oil
Pump filter
Hydraulically powered pump with overflow valve
Pneumatic gas extractor DN 80 with automatic vent and temperature sensor
Meter DN 80, with pulse generator
Electron. meter with DIN A5 label printer
Aluminium hose reel with pneumatic winding mechanism
30 m high-pressure hose DN 40
nozzle ZV 400 with pivoting joint and tap pipe
Brackets for adapter pieces


gravitational measuring system (MID)

Suitable for petrol, diesel oil and EL heating oil
Measuring system for gravity discharge
Combined gas extractor/meter DN 100
Electron. meter


1 external cable drum with automatic winding mechanism
2 x 6 kg fire extinguishers
2 warning triangles
1 hazard warning flasher with work light and batteries
1 plastic collecting vessel
1 dustpan, galvanised
1 hand brush
1 PVC box with oil binding agent
1 high-visibility vest
1 pair of protective goggles
1 pair of gloves
1 eyewash bottle
1 drain cover


1 rotary plate (33/1203 or 30/1202) at both front and rear
3 removable hazardous substance labels (flame symbol)
3 removable hazardous substance labels (environmentally hazardous substances)
Rear markings as per ECE standards

Electrical equipment

Original truck electrical equipment retained
Installation of side marker lights fitted to truck chassis
Ex-proof cabinet light
2 contour lights on underride protection


Priming and spray painting with 2-component acrylic paint for commercial vehicles (standard RAL or truck colour)
Subframe with attachments and transport containers unicoloured as per colour specifications
Plastic components unpainted
Powder-coated attachments/installation parts black

Reflective contour marking strips across entire length of sides (continuing onto truck cab) and all-round contour marking at rear (white on sides and red at rear by default), according to ECE 48


Acceptance as per ADR
Tank documentation
Type approval
Certificate of conformity

Product impressions