2-axle aluminium tank semitrailer for airfield and on-road operation with pumping and measuring system

Product benefits

  • Sophisticated design with perfect functionality
  • Flexible handling of special customer requests
  • Highest product purity thanks to optimum drainage based on unique double-wedge construction
  • Aluminium or stainless steel chassis
  • Installation of axles from well-known manufacturers such as BPW, Mercedes or SAF
  • OPTIONAL: Choice of aluminium or stainless steel bumper
  • OPTIONAL: High-set lights integrated in dome tank
  • OPTIONAL: Separate plastic box for fire extinguisher

Product details

2-axle aluminium tank semitrailer in BOX BODY DESIGN

With pumping and measuring system, for airfield operation and road transport


Vehicle designation acc. to ADR: FL
Tank code acc. to ADR: LGBF
Special provisions acc. to 6.8.4 ADR: TE 7, TE 19
For transporting JET A-1

STT equipment

Refuelling platform with steps on left in direction of travel
Fittings cabinet with fold-up doors on both sides
Pump unit on right in direction of travel
Substructure for swivel rocker on fifth-wheel coupling

Chassis and attachments

Swivel rocker with cable bushing on fifth-wheel coupling
Stainless steel chassis frame
Single wheel plastic mudguards with mud flaps and spray-suppression system Side impact protection, foldable Aluminium underride protection

Axles Air suspension unit with low-maintenance axles and disc brakes,
2 x 10 t rigid, wheelbase 2,050 mm

Air suspension

4 x 425/65 R 22.5, 165 K, manufacturer as per factory specifications 4 aluminium wheels, 11.75 x 22.5, polished outside, 10-hole,
without rim offset

Brake system

Brake system according to EC Directive 71/320 or ECE R13
Two-line brake
EBS-E = electronic brake system
WABCO 2S/2M = one axle sensed
RSS - stability program
Spring-loaded parking brake on 2 axles
Aluminium air tank

Transport container - self-supporting

Aluminium alloy and wall thickness as per ADR regulations
Double-wedge box format for complete drainage Gross capacity: approx. 34,000 l
1 chamber
Baffles, if techn. required
Water sump
Overflow pan incl. outlet pipe(s)
Protection for dome fittings
Aluminium catwalk in pan with foldable railing Aluminium ladder at rear

Container fittings

3 dome covers with rapid-fill lids
1 fill level indicator, 10"
1 pneum. level switch for fill level monitoring
1 pneum. level switch for low-level limiter 3 pneum. tip valves
3 fan pots with flame arresters
1 mech. dipstick

Filling 1 pneum. bottom valve with filling line and industrial dry couplings

2 pneum. bottom valves for output DN 100

The fitting configuration enables the following operations:

Underwing pressure fuelling via long hose, underwing pressure fuelling via two deck hoses
Refilling via deck hoses
Overwing fuelling

Pump (in fittings cabinet)

1 self-priming tandem pump with hydraulic drive

Filter water separator

1 filter water separator with attached
gas separator
Filter equipment:
1 piston-type differential pressure gauge
1 gas return line to tank
1 check valve after filter
Drainage line with 2 shut-off cocks R 3/4" and dummy caps


Aluminium piping routed to the front - through the swivel rocker - to the fittings cabinet on the STT
Gas return line connected to fan pots
Safety pressure relief/vacuum valve

Measuring system (in fittings cabinet)

1 flow meter, with electron. meter
Parallel display on refuelling platform
Label printer in cab
1 sight glass
1 automatic valve for inline pressure control
Pressure relief for the piping system
2 venturi nozzles

Monitoring instruments

- Pump pressure
- Venturi pressure
- Hydraulic pressure
- Flow chart
- Pressure gauge for aluminium air tank
- Pump suction/-pressure gauge
- Sample extraction from piping


1 external cable drum with automatic winding mechanism
2 x 6 kg fire extinguishers
2 warning triangles
1 hazard warning flasher with work light and batteries
1 plastic collecting vessel
1 dustpan, galvanised
1 hand brush
1 PVC box with oil binding agent
1 high-visibility vest
1 pair of protective goggles
1 pair of gloves
1 eyewash bottle
1 drain cover


1 single substance plate (30/1223)
3 removable hazardous substance labels (flame symbol)
3 removable hazardous substance labels (environmentally hazardous substances)
Rear markings as per ECE standards

Electrical equipment

2 seven-chamber tail lights in underride protection
LED side marker lights
2 clearance lamps at front
2 contour lights on underride protection
15-pin socket
2 ex-proof fittings cabinet lights
2 red airfield warning lights


Priming and spray painting with 2-component acrylic paint for commercial vehicles (standard RAL or truck colour)
Chassis with attachments and transport containers unicoloured as per colour specifications
Plastic components unpainted
Powder-coated attachments/installation parts black

Contour markings
Continuous reflective stripe on left and right, white, in tank length
All-round at rear, segmented, red


Acceptance as per ADR
Tank documentation

Product impressions