The Mobility Package That Pays Off

Schwarzmüller vehicles are designed to cope with extreme challenges and they boast a superior service life to that of comparable vehicles. But even they can be affected by a breakdown. For this eventuality, we offer immediate assistance in the form of two different packages: the TOP emergency breakdown line and TOP breakdown assistance.

Services to suit your needs.

TOP. Basic

We guarantee an international breakdown line in the event of a breakdown, where you can seek advice of the next steps to take.

Emergency breakdown line:

  • 24/7 emergency breakdown line (incl. intervention and processing fees)
  • Clarification of breakdown assistance
  • Organisation of assistance services
  • The Top Basic package is free inside the warranty period (for 12 or 24 months, as the case may be)

TOP. Mobil

In the event of a breakdown, we will set about finding the right solution for you after the breakdown call – that includes an initial legal consultancy.

Breakdown assistance in addition to emergency breakdown line:

  • Restoration of vehicle to working order
  • Legal24 for free legal advice
  • On-site spare tyre service
  • Spare tyres included
  • Covering of fee and material costs

Start now with the intelligent value preservation!

We guarantee our full range of TOP maintenance services. Consistent and comprehensive.

Currently the international service workshops of the Schwarzmüller Group are available to you along with 350 service partners in 20 countries on all the important transit routes in Central Europe.

Schwarzmüller Group international service workshops:

Schwarzmüller GmbH, Freinberg
Hanzing 11, 4785 Freinberg, Austria
Tel.: +43 7713 800-0

Schwarzmüller GmbH, Kramsach
Amerling 110, 6233 Kramsach, Austria
Tel.: +43 5337 63114

Schwarzmüller GmbH, Lieboch
Hans-Thalhammer-Straße 11, 8501 Lieboch, Austria
Tel.: +43 3136 61056

Schwarzmüller GmbH, Mäder
Industriestraße 11, 6841 Mäder, Austria
Tel.: +43 5523 62105

Schwarzmüller GmbH, Wels
Linzer Straße 258, 4600 Wels, Austria
Tel.: +43 7242 47331

Schwarzmüller GmbH, Wien
Richard-Strauss-Straße 30, 1230 Wien, Austria
Tel.: +43 1 6164 570

Schwarzmüller KG, Passau
Haitzingerstraße 41, 94032 Passau, Germany
Tel.: +49 851 9594 300

Schwarzmüller Romania srl
Autostrada Bucuresti-Pitesti, km. 13
Bucharest West Logistic Park
077096 Dragomiresti Deal, Romania
Tel.: +40 21 528 2300

Schwarzmüller Kft.
Jedlik Ányos u. 43, 2330 Dunaharaszti, Hungary
Tel.: +36 24 503 000

Schwarzmüller s.r.o., Žebrak
Za dálnicí 508, 26753 Žebrák, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 311 908 110

Schwarzmüller s.r.o., Bohumín
Ostravská 204, 73581 Bohumín, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 596 016 289